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5 Steps to Help Your Employees Keep the Office Clean

Clean office
Keeping your office clean protects your employees, your visitors, and your business's reputation. But many office managers and owners give only a little thought to how to properly clean their office. If building maintenance is your responsibility, here are a few simple steps to choosing the right equipment for a quality job.

1. Start With the Basics

Most people can name a few main tools for cleaning any indoor office space. This generally includes a vacuum, rags, rubber gloves, a general purpose cleaner, and dusters. These are in every cleaner's toolkit because they do cover a lot of the simple needs you'll come across. Have them handy and in sufficient quantity so that anyone who sees a mess can do something about it quickly and easily. 

As you and your employees work and clean the office, you'll think of things to add to this basic toolkit. Post a list in an employee area so that people can note what products are running low and what products employees would like to have added. 

2. Assess Special Requirements

After making a list of the basics for cleaning, take a walk around the office to determine what special equipment or areas may need something more than the basics. Most offices abound with sensitive electronic equipment like laptops, cellphones, tablets, desktop computers, monitors, speakers, and copy machines. Many of these items should not be cleaned with general janitorial products. 

Mark sensitive items for further research. Check with experts or the manufacturer as to how they should be cleaned and with what products. Write instructions when necessary and keep these near the equipment involved. 

3. Look for Nontoxic Products

What cleaners should you choose? Check with your employees to determine if anyone has any particular allergies to ingredients that you may want to stay away from. Common ingredients many health-conscious people avoid include surfactants, petroleum products, phosphates, or phthalates. Similarly, skip cleaning products with strong odors, such as ammonia and bleach. These can be irritating to the nose, eyes, and skin, and it could turn off customers or clients. 

You can find a variety of eco-friendly and safe cleaners to choose from, so talk with an experienced cleaning product supplier about the best choices. You can also benefit from keeping on hand some natural cleaning materials like baking soda or vinegar and natural disinfectants like tea tree oil or lavender.  

4. Save Money With Large Purchases

Since office cleaning is a largely underappreciated aspect of running your business, many people don't want to spend too much on it. But think of this as an opportunity to invest in healthier and happier employees as well as a better presentation to all-important customers.

A high-quality, multifunctional vacuum is one important investment every office should make. In addition, you may want to purchase a cleaning cart that can be moved from place to place. And if your offices have hard-to-reach areas, encourage thorough cleaning buy purchasing equipment specially designed to make them accessible. 

5. Train Employees

Once you have these elements in place, don't forget to follow up by making sure everyone knows how to use them. Clearly label any specialty cleaners as to where they should be applied or what they cannot be used on. Hold a small training session to familiarize employees with larger equipment, including all the vacuum attachments, floor polishers, or a dual-sided mop bucket. While some equipment may seem easy to use, being thoroughly familiar will help people clean or handle emergencies more effectively. 

For more help with all your office janitorial needs, talk to the green cleaning experts at Evergreen Janitorial Supply. We can help you find the best products to keep the office sparkling clean without draining your wallet or your employees' morale.