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Five Reasons Your Office Should Switch to Green Cleaning Supplies

Green Cleaning Supplies
If you've been using the same commercial cleaning products in your office environment for many years, you may find it easier to stick with your routine rather than make changes. Green cleaning products are sometimes seen as just another alternative—perhaps a more expensive alternative to the standard products you're currently using. But the truth is, switching to green cleaning products offers a number of benefits to businesses.
Here are five reasons your office should switch to green cleaning supplies as soon as possible.

1. Improved Air Quality

Many conventional cleaning products have strong odors that may bother certain employees. Some may suffer full-blown asthma attacks, and others may simply develop headaches or a runny nose in the presence of these cleaners.

Green cleaning products reduce exposure to toxic chemicals, making for a healthier work environment. You're likely to deal with fewer call-ins and less employee illness when you switch to green cleaning products.

When your employees can breathe easily, they'll stay more relaxed and focused as a result. You may notice fewer disputes between coworkers and an all-around happier workforce.

2. Increased Safety

Think of the janitorial workers who use the cleaning products. With conventional cleaners, there is often a risk of caustic burns or skin damage if they come into contact with an undiluted cleaner. They may even suffer from dry, cracked skin on their hands from using harsh cleaning solutions day in and day out.

With milder, green cleaning solutions, your janitorial staff will be safer. Employee retention among your janitorial staff may even increase as they feel safer and more confident working with green products. They may even be able to work more quickly since they won't have to be as cautious about avoiding contact with the cleaners.

3. Customer Appeal

Studies show that the majority of customers want to buy from companies with a green, earth-friendly reputation. So whether your company manufactures paper or audits business taxes, advertising your use of green cleaning products throughout the office could help you gain more customers.

Once you switch to green cleaning products, make a few social media posts about the switch. You'll likely find that your current customers appreciate your efforts to go green and that you generate interest from new customers who are curious about your initiatives and thereby your services.

4. Worker Productivity

Researchers at UCLA found that companies that adopt green practices have employees who are 16% more productive. While you may spend a little more on green cleaning products than on conventional ones, you'll make up for the cost in the form of increased worker output.

For best results, of course, it is best to combine your use of green cleaning products with other eco-friendly initiatives. For example, you could start an office-wide recycling program, plant a new tree in the courtyard every year, and minimize your use of disposable plates, cups, and plastic ware.

5. Employee Acquisition

You may also have an easier time attracting qualified employees when you begin earth-friendly initiatives like switching to green cleaning products. Members of the Millennial generation, in particular, want to work for employers dedicated to making the world a better place. If you stick with conventional cleaning products and resist other earth-friendly changes, you may find that your best candidates start taking positions elsewhere.

If you've been considering making the change to green cleaning products in your office, contact Evergreen Janitorial Supply to learn more about our Green Seal-certified products for commercial use. Switching to green cleaners is the responsible choice not only for the planet but also for the health of your employees and the future of your business.