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Keep Waiting Areas Clean in an Auto Repair Facility

Auto Repair Facility
A clean workplace has a lot of influence on how customers view the professionalism of the company and its employees. An auto repair facility will have a lot of grime to worry about, and a garage can never be spotless, but the waiting and reception area should be as sparkling clean as possible. Here are a few ways to prevent a dirty office from staining a good reputation.

Keep Out Grease

One of the main concerns in a garage waiting area is the risk of grease. Vehicle parts often make their way into the room, or someone might drop an occasional rag onto a counter. Even paperwork can transfer grease and other grime from the garage to the office.
Have clean rags and an all-purpose cleaner available in the office to address any marks so the mess does not continue to spread. Try to avoid carpet in these areas because grease stains do not come out of carpet without a lot of effort. Also avoid using products that degrease tools or hands because they can have unpleasant smells or contain volatile chemicals.  
A safe choice is to make a homemade mix from dishwashing liquid and white vinegar and apply to the stain after absorbing as much grease as possible with baking soda. The process can be time-consuming and does not come with any guarantees. Another option is to talk to a janitorial supplier that offers green cleaning solutions for an effective but carpet-safe product.

Polish the Floors

Keep all floors well-polished because it not only makes the whole room look more appealing, but the smooth surface is easier to clean. Grease, mud, and other stains will wipe up faster and easier. Plan to sweep the floor multiple times each day, mop at least once a day, and set up a monthly schedule to buff the floor to protect the sheen.

Create Some Space

Avoid some odors and tracked-in mess from the garage by creating a clean zone just outside the reception area door. Do not store any used rags, old parts, or chemicals in this zone. Try to have degreasing sinks away from this space. Place textured rubber floor mats inside the garage in this zone to reduce tracked-in grease or dirt.

Organize the Garage

A clean garage will have less odor and mess to filter out to the reception area. Always bulk order paper towels and rags, and make them easily accessible to the mechanics. Arrange for the steam cleaning of equipment, and power wash all surfaces every few months to reduce the buildup of oil and grease. These measures will cut odors and make the workplace safer and more pleasant.  

Banish the Odors

Repair facility owners have extra worries about odors in their reception area. First, they must manage the usual concerns like garbage removal and bathroom cleaning to prevent the odors these areas can create. Second, they must combat the smells that occur in a working garage. These smells include exhaust fumes, brake cleaner, automotive fluids, and much more.  
The garage and the reception area need good ventilation for safety and odor removal. Install air purifiers with odor control in the reception area and a special garage air purifier in the work area. Keep the space clean rather than relying on air fresheners and sprays that could irritate customers with allergies and respiratory conditions.
Also, remember to keep bathroom cleaning and window washing supplies on hand. At Evergreen Janitorial Supply, we have these items as well as the tools and equipment necessary for all commercial and industrial cleaning tasks. Contact us to see how we can help you to keep your reception area looking great.