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Keep Your Event Space Beautiful And Clean This Winter

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If you own a professional event venue, you know that cleanliness can be a challenge. Any time you get food, music, and happy people together in a room, you're likely to have a mess when everything is over. At this time of year, changes in weather and seasonal decorations can make cleanliness even more complicated. Working with clients and staff can help keep event spaces clean and in good condition. Here's what you need to know.

Expect and Manage Mud

Redding and the surrounding area gets the majority of its rain in the winter, with December being the wettest month. Rain and mud make it hard to keep your event space clean at this time of year. Managing rain and mud can preserve your floors, walls, and upholstery. 

Set out umbrella stands at every entrance to keep rainwater in entryways and out of event spaces. Clean or replace mats in entryways, and if necessary, lay down extra mats inside or outside the doors to collect mud before it finds its way into your event space. 

Poor drainage on your property can contribute to a buildup of mud and puddling of water inside your event space. Look for swampy areas in your parking lot, on walkways, or in your landscaping, then have those areas addressed by a contractor or landscaper as needed. You may need to install a French drain to encourage good drainage.

Look for muddy spots in your parking lot, then have one of your maintenance crew wash or rake away the mud before rains begin. If mud collects naturally in your parking lot, do this as needed throughout the winter. 

Keep Bathroom Spaces Sanitary

Switch out standard soap for antibacterial soap in the bathrooms. During the cold and flu season, bathrooms in your event hall may get extra germy. Increase your bathroom cleaning schedule to sanitize surfaces. Provide hand sanitizer and wipes near baby-changing stations to ensure that guests have the tools they need to keep your bathrooms and facility clean. 

Establish Expectations with Catering Staff

Catering staff is your first line of defense when it comes to keeping kitchen and dining areas clean. If you don't have one already, now is the time to write an employee handbook outlining responsibilities that establish and maintain sanitary conditions in your event space. Put cleanliness expectations in writing, and then have all employees sign that they've received notice of these policies. 

Review and Revise Client Cleanliness Guidelines

Educating clients is another way to keep your event space in good condition. Write down client cleanliness guidelines to ensure that clients understand their role in maintaining a clean event space. Include this information in the contract when they sign, and go over this information verbally when they put down their deposit to ensure they're aware of their responsibilities.

Maintain Holiday Decorations

Winter decorations may be beautiful, but they can also contribute to mess if they're not properly maintained. Real poinsettias may drop leaves or leave wet stains on the floor while a real Christmas tree may drop needles.

If you have real plants in your facility, keep them watered and switch them out if they begin to die prematurely. Vacuum around them twice per week or more often if necessary. If you're not able to keep up with live plants in your event space, invest in good artificial decorations. 

Stop by Your Janitorial Supply Store

Pay a visit to your janitorial supply store for helpful supplies that can keep your event space in good condition this year. At Evergreen Janitorial Supply, we're happy to answer all of your questions about maintaining a clean commercial space. Contact us today for helpful advice and thoughtful suggestions.